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I am the relatively unknown editor of allipedia.com and now this site. But below I have explained how I came to the editor.

This web site was established by individuals, columnists, scientists, authors, teachers, educators who see an imbalance in the media and wish to bring balance by presenting the side usually omitted. They wish to remain anonymous in large part because pressure is often put on them to express only the “authorized” version of various topics and are sometimes threatened indirectly about losing their jobs if they chose to present an opposing side to the “official” accepted versions.

Unfortunately our school systems seem to present only one side of various topics that are not observable. Education used to be about the examination of both or several sides of  issues and evidence presented for or against each side. The reader was allowed to use his or her intelligence to weigh the evidence and come up with their own conclusions.

Now in large part it has become an indoctrination into one side of many current issues and any other points of view are discouraged. This is not true in all areas but it IS true in many. Some authors wish their names to be made public as they write for various media where free opinions are encouraged.

Unfortunately a large portion of the news media censors out articles that do not agree with the “accepted” or revered opinions of the considered experts. One way they do this if they feel it should be covered is to bury it in the back pages where the average person never arrives. So it is just like omitting it entirely. 

This sad state is a reversion to the early years around 1000 AD when it was considered wrong to write opinions which were in opposition to the generally-accepted views of Aristotle. Now in a large part, much of the media has reverted to this state. They often present opinion as fact just because some well-known people say it is true. This is almost like giving a god-like quality to these individuals. (BC-like). Statements like “settled science” when science is never settled for long are rampant among these people who follow the “popular” crowd instead of considering both sides of an issue.

Please see the Comment Rules which will be strictly applied. This is not a forum for adolescent children to express their opinions without evidence of truth nor to simply flame articles or other individuals. If you wish to vent, please find a venting site. This is not one of them. This site is a one for considered opinions which are supported by evidence which should be referenced on the web so that any reader can check it for themselves.

Feel free to comment if you can follow the rules of civility. You may disagree as much as you want as long as you present evidence in some way for the reason that you disagree. If you just want to vent an opinion WITHOUT evidence, the please go to the venting boards where you can let off your steam.
-From The Consortium

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