Saturday, October 20, 2018

Press Prejudice

A Sad State of Balance

CNN finished July 2018 as the No. 7 basic cable network during the 24-hour total day, and the No. 10 basic cable network in prime time.

Fox News Channel Watched by More People~
Fox News is attacked because radical leftists do not like the fact that FNC is watched by more people than any other channel. Fox News is NOT "rightest" but they DO have more balance so that both sides can express their thoughts.
For those who think that "Fox News lies ...." I ran a little test once with a BC. I asked him to pick a video which was lying and send me the link. He may have looked at it or maybe he just relied on his leftist sources, but he told me that one of the videos was NOT of a scene in Wisconsin but of another scene somewhere in California.

He forgot to listen to the video as the video said that some scenes that were presented were simply examples of crowds similar to Wisconsin as they did not have someone in Wisconsin to take a video. So they just used "examples" of other videos showing similar demonstrators AND THEY TOLD THE TRUTH THAT THAT IS WHAT THEY HAD DONE!

That is the sad story of so many intelligent people who want to be part of a "big news" group which is slanted against FNC which is more fair and balanced and the leftists want you to think that they lie when they do not. So that makes the other sources liars because I have never seen any evidence of FNC lying. Sadly in repeating the lie that "Fox News lies" the person against FNC is lying himself! Sad!

He is a flawed human being like the rest of us, but when you use extreme leftist radicals as sources, everything you see and think may well be a lie! 

Where are the good old days with Edward R Murrow and Walter Kronkite who gave us the NEWS not someone's VIEWS?
 Sadly they are gone as our civilization has started to reverse the standards and ethics which took generations to build that the vast majority accepted. We are now a civilization without the "civil", a civilization in decline.

Top 10 for July 2018 – Total Day
  1. FNC (1,368,000)
  2. Nickelodeon (936,000)
  3. MSNBC (921,000)
  4. HGTV (763,000)
  5. Investigation Discovery (725,000)
  6. Hallmark Channel (644,000)
  7. CNN (638,000)
  8. USA (612,000)
  9. History (562,000)
  10. TNT (544,000)

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