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I have moved from my original host site that I had for many years, Bluehost because of a disagreement with the way an employee customer service rep treated me. I always liked Bluehost but since I was not getting anywhere and felt that my other websites were threatened I moved to a series of ‘recommended’ sites which were on the top of various ‘review sites’ like Top Fifteen Reviews (fictitious name).

Unfortunately I have learned that those sites are not to be trusted. I discovered that by trying another web host that was rated VERY highly and found that they did not know how to help me with WordPress but was told when I signed up that they could help me. So I claimed my money back and moved again. (This last site name escapes me so I will not guess and unfairly name the wrong site.)

This time after studying what they offered and getting lots of help moving my WordPress  sites over to JaguarPC, the customer service was generally good. The final straw was the lack of help finding that they had moved my sites to a new server and I still had the settings for the old server. I could not understand why I would install WordPress on a domain but then the domain would not appear on the web. No wonder; wrong server! In all fairness they did send me an email but it got lost in the flurry of emails.

The second problem was I had a site monitoring service and my sites kept going down sometimes for hours at a time. Well if I had an online business, I want to be found at ALL hours of the day. So I moved again after further study to Hostmonster. At least they stand behind their site by allowing a refund of remaining hosting time if I decided to leave. In general I got good help there as well. However there were some little disagreements over what “unlimited sites”, “unlimited bandwidth”, and “unlimited space” meant. I thought unlimited meant unlimited but after not being able to bring my sites up today they told me it is usually a problem with a WordPress plugin which is taking up to much web server ‘activity-time’, or something of the order. After some time the live chat guy found that they server where my sites were was down for some reason. It was fixed after and hour or two but still a customer had to point out to me that my site was down. How does it look to a customer if my site was down? Would I look like an amateur or a pro? Not a pro!

I also noticed without any evidence to prove it that the time for my sites to come up seemed to increase to a very long time. Many people would leave by 20 or 30 seconds before my website appeared. I came to the conclusion that for my business websites I need to keep it on a fast stable server and perhaps separate from my “fun” websites that I do just to share information like this one.

So now I am searching for webhosts which have a record of very little downtime especially during the day when people are likely to be  shopping for church chairs or church furniture!

So I am making the table below to put in my cryptic notes about each site I visit and what I do or do not like about them.

Then the final exciting moment when I pick the new web host that I will move my main one or two sites to which keep my business growing. No particular order except the order I discovered the hosting sites.

I am looking for…

  1. Maximum uptime with little downtime only at after midnight hours
  2. Speed of site to come up with a full running WordPress site is installed
  3. Maximum time to get a full refund if I do not like the site
  4. An effort to throw in a few extras free which do not take much if any extra time.
  5. Honest reviews by siteowners, positive and negative.
  6. Unlimited sites, bandwidth and diskspace with NO throttling back of speed. I want my business sites to come up fast!
  7. Help with migrating my WordPress business sites to the new host
  8. Good customer service help with WordPress installations. Yes it is a lot but I believe I can find at least  one site which covers most of these criteria. So here goes!
Site Price/Mo Refunds? Likedor Disliked
Site 5 Webhosting HostPro
$8.95 / 2 Yr
purchase up front
45 days Like

  • Matches unlimited criteria
  • Can choose location of server
  • They do backups
  • The present their stats up front
  • How well is WP supported?
  • Free 30 day trial.


  • Too short a time for total refund.
  • Short free trial time of 30 days

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