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  • March for Science in Boston: Geek sign language to ponder
    by News on 2017-02-20 at 20:43

    From Maria Gallucci at Mashable, on a March for Science event: On Sunday, thousands scientists and supporters gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to “stand up for science” under the Trump administration. … Many rally-goers were in Boston for the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest general […]

  • The Incoherence of Materialism, as Demonstrated by Ayn Rand
    by Barry Arrington on 2017-02-20 at 18:45

    A friend posts this quotation from Ayn Rand: Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Rand’s conclusion is correct. […]

  • Could we reproduce science exactly if it all disappeared? What about religion?
    by News on 2017-02-20 at 16:53

    From Brian Gallagher at Nautilus: Colbert, an idiosyncratic but sincere Catholic, was not really playing devil’s advocate when he challenged Gervais to an argument about the existence of God on his show. Gervais is outspoken about his disbelief and is fond of tweeting the reductio ad absurdum of various religious arguments, yet initially he seemed […]

  • Possibly oldest European rock art to date found in France
    by News on 2017-02-20 at 15:49

    From Megan Gannon at LiveScience: Scrawled with the image of an aurochs (an extinct species of cattle) and dozens of small dots, the slab was created by the Aurignacians, the first Homo sapiens to arrive in Europe. Radiocarbon tests showed that the engraving dates back to about 38,000 years ago, according to a Jan. 24 […]

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