Failure to Success

 Unusual title? Many of us think we can’t do anything well. Some have been convinced by unthinking parents or callous teachers, or cruel children that we are nobodies!

 This page will be built over a period of time. But on it you will find stories of amazing failures! People called failures who went on to prove their detractors VERY wrong. The detractors are never remembered but those who failed to success are inscribed in history for their achievements.

 Did you know that Albert Einstein was considered a very bad student? 

Albert Einstein was not an honor student.  His teachers said he was ‘retarded’ and would never amount to anything.  His teachers were WRONG! 

Does history remember the names of the teachers? Or the student, Albert Einstein? 

 Remember Christopher Columbus? [No! Not personally!] The educated scientists of his day believed the WORLD WAS FLAT!  It was the educated scientists who wanted Christopher Columbus killed for promoting such heresy as to suggest the World might not be flat.  These scientists were WRONG!


If you don’t think history repeats itself, you don’t have to look far to find that even today, the misfits, the down-trodden, and those adventurers who dare to question the mindset of the vast majority are looked down on and dismissed as worthless, unimportant idiots.  And this is WRONG!

Teachers, parents, adults, students, YOU have a choice of being a detractor-mocker or a people-builder by encouraging them.

You can write them off or lift them up. It is YOUR choice, EVERY DAY and EVERY WAY! 

What would you rather be?


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