Jan 132016

“In the realm of ideas there has been no better publication in Australia over the last fifty years than Quadrant magazine.”
— Former Prime Minister John Howard

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  • The Original Power Couple
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-12-16 at 04:09

    Nicolae Ceaucescu and wife Elena were dispatched with extreme prejudice when the Romania people finally rid themselves of a duo so brazen in their greed and tyranny no writer of fiction would have dared invent them. It's quite a story, not least the gullibility of leaders in the WestThe post The Original Power Couple appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Keating’s Distorted, Disgraceful ‘History’
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-12-15 at 01:45

    When hostilities erupted in September, 1939, the Labor Party attacked the war effort on all fronts, from unionised wharves to the floor of parliament. If Paul Keating wishes to find a villain, he should drop his scurrilous assault on Sir Robert Menzies and look instead at his own partyThe post Keating’s Distorted, Disgraceful ‘History’ appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • XX Marks the Blot
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-12-15 at 01:04

    If we "must believe" women who assert they have been sexually harassed, as the current meme demands, then the most basic logic says any man attempting to defend his reputation must be disbelieved. Can anything be sillier than adjudicating truth  on the basis of chromosomes?The post XX Marks the Blot appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Caesar’s Wife and the Modern Bench
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-12-14 at 04:11

    Courts that claim a right to vet reporters copy, demands that journalists "register" in order to report proceedings that always have been open to public scrutiny, a judge re-tweeting an obscene appraisal of a minor but mainstream political party -- welcome to justice, Victoria-styleThe post Caesar’s Wife and the Modern Bench appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Religious Liberty vs Truck Bombs
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-12-13 at 02:12

    The PM swore he valued nothing higher than freedom of belief and would protect it at all costs. Like his pledged loyalty to Tony Abbott, the truth proved otherwise. Smart move! His office risks no harassment or damage, like the ACL's blown-up HQ, and that Mardi Gras invitation won't be withdrawnThe post Religious Liberty vs Truck Bombs appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

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