Jan 132016

“In the realm of ideas there has been no better publication in Australia over the last fifty years than Quadrant magazine.”
— Former Prime Minister John Howard

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  • Insults, Activism and Aborigines
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-07-21 at 05:16

    In many Aboriginal communities violence is commonplace and anti-social behaviour endemic. So who do blacktivists target while rattling the cup for donations to fight "racism"? Why, the police! Sure, such crusades garner plenty of Facebook "likes" but, in the meantime, more lives are ruined and wastedThe post Insults, Activism and Aborigines appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Tolerating the Intolerant Grows Harder
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-07-19 at 04:45

    It is only a personal observation but it seems to me that the sympathy and sums governments are spending on deradicalisation programmes, Muslim sports and outreach campaigns just aren't working. Indeed, the more indulgences granted, the more pronounced that separatism becomesThe post Tolerating the Intolerant Grows Harder appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Chris Uhlmann Makes Himself the Story
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-07-18 at 02:05

    The ABC is tickled pink about the enormous splash its Canberra editor made on social media with a fact-free, opinion-heavy diatribe against Donald Trump and his administration. It seems the national broadcaster's yardstick for excellence is the number of visitors it gets from Twitter's sewerThe post Chris Uhlmann Makes Himself the Story appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Islam and the Unspeakable Truth
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-07-17 at 04:17

    As an ex-Muslim, one intimately versed in the Koran and the mindset of so many who take literally its arrogant and intolerant admonitions, few things distress me more than seeing every latest massacre followed by the warm and fuzzy pieties of those in the West who find convenient not to understandThe post Islam and the Unspeakable Truth appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

  • Brisbane, Poor Brisbane
    by Roger Franklin on 2017-07-15 at 03:26

    What have they done to you, long-abused city of my youth? The pathetic, provincial insecurity of old is still there, just that these days it is expressed vertically by thickets of high-rise eyesores obscuring and overshadowing the architectural remnants of the gracious city that wasThe post Brisbane, Poor Brisbane appeared first on Quadrant Online. […]

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