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Life Can Be Summed Up

  • We go to school for 12-16 or more years? canbills-closeWhy? To get money!
  • We get a job! Why? To Get Money!
  • We get married and have children. Why? So we can spoil the little rascals to death 🙂
  • The Little Rascals  go to school for 12-16 or more years? Why? To get money!
  • The Little Rascals get a job! Why? To Get Money! 
  • The Little Rascals have their own little rascals who go to school for 12 or more years! Why to get a job!
  • The Little Rascals’ Rascals get a job! Why? To Get Money to spoil the grand little rascals to death! 🙂
  • The Little Rascals kids go to school for 12 or more years! Why? To Get Money!

Are you seeing a pattern here? Can life be summed up as one big exercise in getting money?

Why do we need money? Of course that is a rather obvious question. With money we have the freedom to do many things; buy a house, a car, a vacation, get educated, eat popcorn. 🙂

Very often because of this hamster-wheel of life going round and round and never stopping we lose track of what money is all about.
hamster-wheel  people-wheels



What IS MONEY? Money is simply saved up dollarsigns2labour. We perform various jobs in order to get money. Our saved up labour in the form of money is easier to exchange with other people who have saved up their labour in the form of money as well!

Most people need very few lessons in spending money, right? Spending is as easy as breathing. Maybe easier!

Do most people know how to manage money in order to have extra for special vacations, products on their want list or their children’s education?

The stats would say “Not!”

There are all kinds of resources available to learn how to better manage our money. Some of them are free on the web!

Managing Money

This is just the beginning of the free and low cost resources we intend to bring to you to help you in your financial goals!



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