Christianity Benefits


Good things Pioneered by the Church and Committed Christians in Modern Society

The Church is the largest single provider of healthcare in the world
• also the largest single provider of education in the world
Church fathers successfully campaigned against infanticide in society
• and stood up for the rights of women by codifying marriage as a sacrament
The first orphanages were churches
• Barnardos is the world’s largest orphanage system
Churches pioneered the first homes for the elderly
• and the first homes for the disabled in society
Leading society to abolish the slave trade (Wilberforce and the church)
• Pioneers of modern social workers (Jane Adams)
Fathers of modern Foster Care (Charles L. Brace)
• The Mothers Union – strengthening family life.  Founded in 1876
Free health care for the terminally ill (Douglas Macmillan)
• Pioneers of modern nursing (F.Nightingale)
Almost all schools were church founded before the state took over
• 100 out of 110 US universities were church founded (inc. Yale, Princeton and Harvard)
Pioneers of free schooling for poor young people (John Pounds)
• School for children in slums (R.Raikes)
World Literacy pioneers (SIL and Frank Lauback)
• Pioneers of education for the deaf (Rev. Gallaudet)
Braille system for the blind developed by Louis Braille.
• First laws to protect children from abuse (Soc. PCC – Rev B Waugh)
Fighting for the rights of children working in factories (Richard Oastler)
• as well as campaigning for Poor Law reform
Josephine Butler campaigned for the age of consent to be set to 16 so children could not be abused as they are by some in certain areas of the world.
• YMCA – caring for young people in society
Salvation Army – pioneering radical care for the poor and disadvantaged in society
• Education for orphans (George Mueller)
Campaigning for prison reform  (Quakers)
• Temperance Movement to address alcohol abuse in society
Alcoholics (and Narcotics) Anonymous (Dr. B.Smith)
• Leading society to adopt “fair trade”  (Tearfund)
Pioneers of Microfinance for poor countries (D.Bussau)
• Pioneers of international child sponsorship (World Vision, Dr. R. Price)
Save The Children, huge worldwide mission (Eglantyne Jebb)
• Fathers of modern famine relief (Oxfam Quakers)
International Housing for the poor – Habitat for Humanity (Millard Fuller)
• Justice for people worldwide who are oppressed (Amnesty International – P.Beneson, E.Baker)
Leprosy Mission – caring for those no-one else wants (Dr. P.Wilson)
• King James Bible – profound impact on the English language and culture

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