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  • Fos Extracts - 2019 Table of Contents

    2019-01-03   StatCan Exposes How Worthless “Green” Industries ArePoll: Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Won’t Motivate Canadians to Switch to More Fuel-efficient TransportationUS Court Rules Against Young Climate ActivistsUS Democrats’ Green New DealThe Greenpeace Business ReportFurious NGOs Sue French Government over Carbon Tax RetreatClimate Skeptics: The Despised MinorityThe World Is Bored with Climate ChangeGermany’s Green Transition Has Hit a Brick WallCan Wind and Solar Replace Fossil Fuels? […]

  • FoS Extracts - 2019

    By: Ian Cameron                 TABLE OF CONTENTS   2019-01-03   StatCan Exposes How Worthless “Green” Industries Are Statistics Canada reported last month that environmental and clean-tech industries accounted for 3.1% of Canada GDP in 2017, about the same as in 2007, despite ten […]

  • IN THE DARK ON RENEWABLES: Rebutting Deloitte and Climate Reality

    Deloitte Insights and Climate Reality have recently issued reports making claims that renewables – especially wind and solar – are as cheap and as reliable as conventional coal-fired or natural-gas-fired power. We demonstrate that these claims are not valid and show that wind and solar exist almost entirely due to preferential government programs and subsidies. Mass deployment of wind and solar can destabilize power grids. Solutions like batteries, flywheels, and pumped hydro are exorbitant in cost. Renewables-plus-storage systems cannot reasonably be scaled up to meet society’s demand for reliable power. […]

  • Faulty Premises = Poor Public Policy on Climate; IPCC SR15

    Climate science is a complex blend of chaotic, dynamic systems. The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Summary Report 15 (SR15) attempts to predict the implications of a 1.5°Celsius (C) rise in Global Surface Mean Temperatures (GSMT) over the temperature of the pre-industrial era. The focus of the report is on the influence of human industrial emissions of carbon dioxide as the assumed driver of climate change and recent warming. Despite the number of scientists involved, science can go astray for no other reason than a singular focus through ‘the same lens. The IPCC SR15 proposes that industry and taxpayers pay a carbon price of $880 per tonne on carbon dioxide emissions in 2030, but the actual benefit, in terms of an assumed lower temperature, would only be worth at most $4. […]

  • Open Letter to the World on Climate Change

    This “Climate Change” discussion focuses on the basic data (average global temperature, atmospheric CO2 concentrations and changes in solar activity) and their relationships. The discussion approaches the subject from a logical, easy to understand non-ideological viewpoint. The deeper technical discussions are kept to a minimum. The discussion is also a great resource that points out sites that show you how much ice is in the Antarctic/Arctic, the trends of extreme weather, etc. (with links provided). You shouldn’t just rely on the media. The discussion does contain opinions but the focus is the data. And the data does not support CO2 as a primary driver of climate change. CO2 does play a role in “Climate Change” but the natural cycles (related to direct and indirect solar activity) dominate the historical data and will continue to dominate the earth’s future climate. Unfortunately, society is ignoring the coming Grand Solar Minimum. The associated cooling (already underway) will be far more negative than any warming due to CO2. […]

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